Are you ready for a challenge? Try our Triple Decker Devil Burger...8 pounds of Man vs. Food!! Finish it all in 60 minutes, and it's FREE! Get a T-shirt and your picture on our Wall of Fame!!

  • Your Neighborhood Bar

    At the CCT, you feel right at home. Whether you're hanging out with old friends or meeting new ones, the Country Club Tavern will be your home away from home.

  • Family Friendly Atmosphere

    Bring the wife, bring the kids. At the Country Club Tavern, our family friendly atmosphere will make you feel welcome. Stop in for lunch, or have a cold one on the way home from work. You're always at home at the CCT!

  • The Groove rocked the CCT!

    Bands such as The Groove pack the house with their awesome music

  • Triple Decker Devil Burger Conqueror!! JACK DIAMOND

    Jack Diamond became the 1st Triple Decker Burger Challenger to conquer the beast on April 27, 2012. Eight pounds of food in 41 minutes. It was Jack's second attempt at the behemoth. Jack gets his picture on the 'Wall of Fame' and a Free T-shirt!!

  • Wing Bowl 2013 Champion!!

    2013 Wing Bowl Champion Jack Diamon stands alongside Runner Up Mike Albrecht. Chef Joe Beitel congratulates both participants. 'Snack Jack' consumed 61 wings while Mike ate 51 to finish 2nd. Congratulations to ALL of our Wing Bowl Contestants!!

  • Featured Band: Soulshine

    Whether playing as a duo Marnie & Nate or as a five piece band, SOULSHINE rocks the house with their classic rock and crisp vocals!!

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